Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Custom made Nightmare Before Christmas 3-7

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Monday, August 25, 2008

One Of A Kind set is a Brand New Additon to the Cara Mia Baby Boutique Custume Line. Your little Princess will turn heads in this Monarche Fairy Princess Set

Go Go Girly Green with Fabulous Frogs!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GOODBYE To Daisy-Head-Maisy
AND HELLO TO-- GoosieGirl_Boutique

A designing mom worked hard to establish
herself in the market,
she created a business of her very own making,
but Dr. Seuss said,
"Our name you are taking"

"Daisy Head Mayzie is a Suess character, you see,
We know you spell if different, but you are infring-ing

"Don't make us open up a can and get all grinchy
they said with a frown
we will take your to court and bring your reputation down

"This hard working mom never said she was related
but the cat in the hat's widow argued and negated

Get rid of your website, ebay id, & etsy shop all together,
It doesn't matter that you've had this name for 4 years,
inconsequential and naive, little Heather!

Through the face of it all, this mom thought she'd persist
Until she was served with a cease and desist
The name has been canceled, but the business
will go on
Perhaps it wouldn't matter if she were in Taiwan?

The mom will go on and build a costume empire,
in the face of adversity while coming under fire
from the stingy widow of the cat in the hat
the mom will start over, and come right back

This talented mom will bring costumes to the world,
raggie bows she will make and rolls of tulle will unfurl,
Word to the wise, don't mess with a mom who's
got to feed her kids
by selling on etsy and getting ebay bids

Top quality tutu gowns and cute girly things,
will continue to flow from the hands of this
dedicated mom....

You'll soon be able to find her doing business at


(Yes, it's true, I was served a cease and desist order from the widow of Dr. Seuss's attorneys.
I have to change my ebay id, close my etsy shop, change the name of my blog, and stop doing business on my website that I've worked so hard to establish!!

I'd appreciate it if you'd save my new ebay id:

and coming soon will be my new website, located at:

(it should be up next week). Please tell your friends, it's devestating for a business to have to re-establish themselves after working so hard. I never attempted to make it appear that I was affiliated in any way, shape or form with the Seuss character or their organization, but apparently they don't care about that. I'm looking forward to this new journey and hope that you'll drop a comment of support off at my blog where I posted this story. I've seen the boutique community come together and support designing Moms for so many things and I hope that my word of mouth campaign to let people know about my new business name, will spread like wildfire.
Long live the WAHM and Designing at Home, Handmade Movement!
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What a wonderful bag to start fall off with!!!
This bag is quilted with coordinating strips of wonderful fabrics, deep melon, dark brown dark purple, olive green, gold, dark red, and many more.

These colors are oh so Euro! Fun & sweet with a little spunk!

Zebra twirl skirt with a matching appliqued top. Let her head Back 2 School in STRIPES

New for Fall 2008 is this Owl Zuma set available in sizes 2t-6

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

adorable owl deco perfect for back to school dont miss out closes soon

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what fun your special little one will have in this outfit

what a cute lil outfit for a special someone besure and check out this one offered by forever young boutique

a adorable lady bug tutu for the bellaluna launch

a spooky tote for that special holiday
another auction from the BellaLuna girls

A special auction for the Sandbox Boutique Amy Butler launch